Writing Tracker for 2024
John Robinson IV

It's 2024! I don't post much here outside of podcast episodes, but in the spirit of productivity I'd like to share a simple tracker for writers to keep up personal and community accountability. The concept is simple. Starting today, track what you have written, as often as possible (daily if you can) and post the results to your social media for you and your writing mutual's tracking purposes. Motivate yourself and others, and make your the quest for your writing goals into a habit. 

The top row is what you have done since your last check in, whereas the bottom row is what you have completed in total since you began tracking. This is a good way to see your progress grow. Be honest with yourself and put in the work. And remember to take breaks! Writing is about the ebb and flow of the process. Don't push yourself to burnout but don't relax so much that you get nothing done!

You can access the tracker via canva





Happy writing!