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Top 10 Comic Issues of 2016

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 00:33

Last year we've had quite a few great comics run, but of what actually released, what were the best individual issues? The following is an unordered list of 10 of my favorites. This list is heavily Marvel, because that is what I read primarily, but DC's Rebirth did go well, overall. Before getting started I will state the honorable mentions. The following were "almosts" for the list: Champions #1, Horizon #1, Captain America: Sam Wilson #10, Black Panther #6, Power Man and Iron Fist #10, Wonder Woman #1, Superman #1, Nightwing #1, Justice League #4, Mockingbird #2, Nighthawk #5, Ms. Marvel #13 and Black #3. There are many more that I enjoyed, and very little that I disliked. There are also many that I have not read, and as such these choices are thus influenced. Now, the list.

Romulus #1

This is one of the best comic introductions I've read in a very long time. The first two pages introduces our main character, Skylar, with succinct text and imagery, and eases us into the action with an excellently executed character reveal.

The Ultimates #6

The Ultimates has been in my top 5 of comic book runs this year. It would be my favorite team if it wasn't for the formation of The Champions, but the two are neck and neck. This issue however, does not focus on the team, but instead focuses in on Galactus exploring the meaning of his new role as Lifebringer (as opposed to Devourer). Very fun and insightful read, with major cosmic revelations.

Doctor Strange #13

I absolutely loved reading this run. The Sorcerer Supreme and most beings on the planet has lost magic. What does he do? Effectively, he starts to recreate it. Issue #13 shows him creating a spell for the first time.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the revelation of Captain America as Hydra at the end of this issue, I would be lying if I said it wasn't excellently written, because truthfully, it was. A beautiful background heralded the return of our hero, only to make plain the harsh reality on the last page. It was an amazing read to the end and I wish I hadn't known the revelation before reading it.

Power Man and Iron Fist #5

David Walker has been giving us an awesome run of the original Heroes For Hire in the 70's. Issue #5 features them in a radio station as they explain the take of a situation from multiple perspectives and it's amazing. Peep them here on the air, surrounded by Marvel Hip Hop variant covers!

The Ultimates(2) #1

And another amazing issue from The Ultimates in the new volume. The team secretly reforms as Carol and T'challa have a discussion undercover, only there seems to be a new leader, as decreed by Galactus- and it likely isn't who you'd expect.

All-New Wolverine #10

I chose this for the situation that Old Man Logan is placed in due to the events of Civil War II, and Wolverine's (X-23) decisions concerning that situation. That is basically the decision to turn in Logan or let him run free. Mind you, they are being chased by Hydra Cap. What really topped it for me was the lovable scene in which burglars try to rob the wrong house.

Civil War II #3

If you are a Marvel fan, then you know what happened in this issue, but I won't get into that just in case. What I will say is that concerning the situation with the Hulk, this issue was a very well written trial, filled with flashbacks to explain the situation. Despite thoughts on the actual events, the execution was phenomenal.

Vision #11

I refuse to give any information away concerning the best run of the year. Honestly it was difficult to choose one particular issue, but this one represents the culmination of the events leading to the end of the run at #12. GO BUY THIS.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #16

The cover alone is beautiful. Can we please just have Misty Knight as Captain America? Seriously, this issue took a break from the nonsense Sam has been dealing with in the book and went on to address issues concerning men objectifying women, and allows Misty to put her foot in the mouth's of the dogs that deserve it. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I feel everyone should read.


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