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The Best Comic Run of 2016: The Vision

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 00:43

Quite a few great comic series have run through 2016, and while I certainly don't read everything. I do read a great deal. Among some of my favorites are Power Man & Iron Fist, Dr. Strange The Ultimates, All-New Wolverine, Romulus, Black, and more, but what without a doubt in my mind, turned out to be the best comic series, was The Vision by Tom King. Before I get into this, honorable mentions for best runs are: The Ultimates, Rebirth: Nightwing, Rebirth: Wonder Woman, Rebirth: Superman, The Inhumans, Doctor Strange, Champions, Romulus, Rising Rachel, and All-New Wolverine. See why a top five would have been difficult? Now let's get into the best.

As the name might suggest, The Vision series focuses on the Avenger known as The Vision, who, in attempt to find a sense of normalcy akin to that of humans, has created a family- A wife, a daughter, a son, and later on, even a dog. The family strives to live lives like that of humans, but being that they are related to Vision (inheriting his Avengers/Hero problems as opposed to those related to being Synthezoids), that endeavor proves to be quite difficult. I am not going to reveal anything more of the plot. All I am going to say is, issue after issue, things grow more and more complex. This is a book that you are going to have to pick up for yourself in stores or online.

The plot is an immersion of problems that continue to bury characters deeper and deeper until air is but a distant wisp of imagination. Tom King maintains a perpetual stream of metaphor and analogy, and utilizes foreshadowing within in narration and action while artists Gabriel Walta, and Jordie Bellaire, compliment this with imagery and coloring. Even the title "Vision" is yet another tool used to further the depth of this work of art. The narrative voice is a tool. Each concept and reference is a tool, and a the end of the series everything folds back in one another, ending, in some sense, as it began.

This is the best comic series of 2016, and likely one of the best comic series' you will ever read. I'm talking about a work of art you can place next to The Dark Knight series, and The Watchmen. It's truly that good. It runs for 12 issues, and is contained within two trades. Go check it out.

"I am Vision of The Avengers. I have Saved the world 37 Times."


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