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Wakanda IV Lyfe: Special Delivery- Sword Theory

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 03:50

In this Special Delivery Episode of Wakanda IV Lyfe Sceritz talks to creators Adam Cogan and Mark Henry about working as writer and artist respectively in the comic industry and their new project Sword Theory from Evoluzione Publishing and 500 lines media. Music on this episode by Makaih beats.

Sword Theory is a sword & sorcery series that chronicles the adventures of Broden Shindra, a young warrior who is just beginning to know his true power.

As the book begins, Broden discovers that he’s the only one in the world who can defeat an immortal necromancer and his vast undead army. To survive, he must master the art of the sword.

Sword Theory is a collaboration by artist Mark Henry (Frontier Graveyard) and writer Adam Cogan (The Black Coat) as an homage to our shared love of insane kung fu flicks, sword and sorcery fantasy novels, and decapitastic samurai movies. We believe there’s room in the comics industry for more diverse characters, more underrepresented story genres, and way more sword fights.

Support the Sword Theory Kickstarter

You can find Mark at www.profesone.com.

You can find Adam at www.darkunicorngames.com and www.monstermenace.com.


Sceritz is John B. Robinson IV and John B. Robinson IV is a cosmic blerd with a passion for a obliterating the the IVth Wall and setting free the hordes of geek and fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse in the form of rants of epic proportions. Creator of IVWall.net.