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Wakanda IV Ever: Episode 22: Black Panther v3 #23-25, #171

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 11:59

Come listen to Sceritz and Tiffany on Episode 22 of Wakanda IV Ever, The Black Panther podcast as we cover Black Panther v3 #23-25 and Black Panther #171

Content Discussed:

• Black Panther Movie crossed 1.3 Billion
• Black Panther vs. Infinity War
• Black Panther v3 #23-25
• Killmonger an Avenger?
• Deadpool vs. Killmonger
• Charles Xavier T'Challa
• Nakia!
• Nikki?
• Everett Ross Fights Black Panther!?
• Black Panther #171
• Okoye returns
• Klaw vs. T'Challa

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