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REVIEW: Incidentals #2-"Death Mill"

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 10:55

Incidentals #2 | Writer: Joe Casey | Artist: Larry Stroman | Colorist: Snakebite Cortez | Release Date: September 27, 2017

And here we are, already with the second issue of Incidentals. Incidentals #1 dropped a load of information and established the grounds for a story full of several interesting characters going forward. Incidentals #2 introduces the links between our characters and while all the goals aren’t clear, we know that one of the major ones is putting a team together. It’s unclear what the purpose is. To survive, to fight? Mr. Chen seems to think that all of the people affected by the meteor have some sort of link to one another, and he’s using all of his resources to see if that’s true.

So, we find out that the MMA talk in Incidentals #1 wasn’t just happenstance. It happens that Alex Winters is actually a well accomplished MMA fighter, no doubt, in no small part due the enhancements he received from the beach meteor. His meeting with Brenner establishes a little more background, and we seem to have discovered the established team’s benefactor- Mr. Chen. Chen has sent Brenner after Winters, and the other three after the girl with the light powers. Casey makes sure to make it not secret how powerful the girl is either. I really enjoy the focus on characters of important and how much there is to learn about them.

This fact also extends to Winters’ ex-girlfriend, known only at this point as Miss Delgado. Right before the event they seemed to be a tightly knit couple and right after it… well things quickly fell apart. When Brenner talks to Winters, he lets him know that they are going to need Delgado too. Things brings a few things about the direction of the story to mind. Mr. Chen, while he seems to have everyone’s best interest in mind, also seems to be very keen on getting every single powered person together. He could have it in mind to do good, or there could be another agenda. With the strange dreams he’s been having, he could be given instructions that he doesn’t even know he’s receiving. It’s hard to say this early in.

The art really does well with powered actions. All of the scenes with the girl with the light powers have been really fun to read and Cortez does really well on those colors. I really enjoy the setting details as well. The background scenes as well as all of the “extras” on the panels are really well done, and all the characters have a very distinct look. Now that I’m a couple of issues in, despite their being many characters, its’ easy for me to tell the apart, now. I look forward to more action scenes going forward. This is a really great creative team on this project.

In just two short issues we’ve been introduced to at least half a dozen strong characters given backgrounds and secrets to figure out. I’m officially intrigued. While I didn’t know what the Incidentals was about before I picked the book up, the set-up and groundwork has me wondering what Joe Casey has in store for us with future issues. I want to know more about these characters and this “grand design” that seems to be in place. And I want to know more about Mr. Chen and his plans for them. I will be picking up Incidentals #3 as soon as it comes out.


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