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REVIEW: Incidentals #1-"Lightshow"

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 10:46

Incidentals #1 | Writer: Joe Casey | Artist: Larry Stroman | Colorist: Snakebite Cortez | Release Date: August 23, 2017

I’m late! I’ve been behind on many of my reviews, but I’ve also been taking the time to hammer each of them out because I feel it’s worth it to speak on my favorite books. And so, finally I’ve sat down to read Incidentals #1, one of the latest books by Lion Forge comics under the Catalyst Prime Universe! In Incidentals #1, a team of individuals granted power by the strike of a meteor on a beach, band together to find and presumably, help others like themselves.

This issue is packed full of potent story information, creating a thick opener for what is sure to be an action packed comicbook! The start very much reminds me of X-Men: The Animated Series’ old intro episode “Night of the Sentinels”, when the X-men are trying to save Jubilee from a bunch of mutant hunting sentinels in the mall. This issue opens up like that with a girl with some sort of energy powers running from armed men, only this isn’t the PG rated action from the early 90’s. The brutality is real. People microwaving people where they stand, kind of real. And that’s only in the first two pages.

We learn that the team is made up so far of Vanessa, a woman with exceptional fighting skills, Nuke, the microwaving guy, and Taylor, a man who can create doorways from, as far as we know, anywhere. But scenes shift quick and suddenly we are somewhere in the strip on Vegas. A guy named Alex hired a high roller to find his father. Based on the flashbacks his father was an abusing son of a “shut’cho mouth”, and Alex was there to exact his revenge. Casey Jones holds nothing back in these scenes as they show the kid being brutalized by a horrible dad. It makes you want Alex to do what you know that he wants to. And based on his display it looks like he’s got some super strength from that beach meteor.

Then there’s yet another group introduced. A teleporter named Marko Brenner, and another man, name Chen who seems to have strange dreams that tell of a distant alien land. The idea that these aren’t merely dreams but perhaps visions, are perpetuated by the fact that the man has a room full of scale planets that he claims is the map of the universe. Based on what he’s saying in the final pages, there is some threat approaching from far away, but more immediate ones are right in front of them. It remains to be seen just what those threats are.

This was a strong starting issue. I admit that with how much information was dropped at the same time, I had to read it more than once to get a better grasp on what was happening. I expect a few things to be made clearer in issue #2. For now, it looks like the team near the beginning of the book are being commissioned by some “benefactor” to find other individuals that were affected by the incident on the beach. The others are people who are affected and will all tie into a larger story as the book goes on. I tend to enjoy this art too. The action shots of people using their powers are screenshot worthy and the colors and shadowing adds a commendable depth to each panel. After this issue, I’m intrigued and hoping to see more great things in Incidentals #2. This is yet another great book from Lion Forge.


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