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Review: Champions #6- "Enter The Freelancers"

Thu, 03/09/2017 - 23:07

Champions #6 Cover
CHAMPIONS #6 -Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Humberto Ramos | Inker: Victor Olazaba | Colorists: Edgar Delgado & Nolan Woodard | Letter: Clayton Cowles

This month’s issue of Champions was a major cool down from the blatant metaphorical attack on the United States government’s questionable leadership in #5. Did I mention that I loved that? In this issue, Ms. Marvel sets the team up for some 3v3 action with Hulk, Nova, and Spider-Man against Ms. Marvel, Cyclops, and Vivian. Nova comes up with a plan for his team, which sets Amadeus up to end the fight with them as the victors! At least, that’s how it looks, but we never actually see him hit her. But we do see everyone hit by Vision (except Spider-Man because Spider Spider-Sense!), as he presumably calls Viv home for dinner (because it’s imperative that synthezoids eat!).

In any case, this took up the first half of the issue and I enjoyed it, other than the awkward “We’re lit” from Spider-Man (guys, I’m sorry but take it from a guy from whose culture this term was birthed, and uses the term often, it’s almost always “It’s lit.” Change it for the Trade maybe?). The second half focused on an entirely different group of super powered teens who are being set up to be their teenage arch rivals. They call themselves the Freelancers. I liked the 10 or so pages taken to introduce these characters because it sets the presidence that they are going to be more than your one issue nuisances and it makes them feel like they are going to get some serious character and story development in the future.

Champions #6 Paintball

So far, I understand why they do what they do (pretty much they are just pricks), but as I read on I wonder if those roles are being pushed too hard. They prey on two innocent guys and make a bet on whose abilities can make them fight first. It’s cruel, but I’m wondering if this is going to keep them interesting enough. Who knows, it’s only their debut. I’m hoping Waid can make some good use of them, and being the genius writer that he is, I’m sure he will. Anyways, with some fancy mental suggestion the poor guys erroneously label the Champions as the culprits behind what happened.

Did I tell you that Humberto is one of my favorite artists? Well, if I haven’t, I’m doing so now. Humberto Ramos is one my favorite artists. The guy’s poignant expressions and tight edge lines do something that no artists really can, and it really fits the theme for the Champions’ team. In his style, action looks that much more potent. Talk about creating an epic paintball fight! When you add the separate finesse attributed to Victor’s inking, you can really appreciate things like Ms. Marvel’s hair and Hulk’s muscle definition. We get vibrant, rich scenes that are only further venerated by Nolan’s colors.

I really dig the cover too. We get the Champions in a spotlight, as they shrink away from approaching figures that look almost like doppelgangers, shrouded in malicious black and blood red. It gives us the idea that the Champions are indeed gaining some arch rivals, and based on the happenings of this issue, that’s exactly what we get. I can really appreciate a good cover that gives us something to look forward to in the book.

Champions #6 Freelancers

Anyways, this issue left me tottering on whether or not I like this new team, but I can’t wait until the next issue when we get to see them clash with the Champions!


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