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Review: America #1

Wed, 03/01/2017 - 16:01

This Review will contain light spoilers of America #1

America #1 is finally here, and it is great! I don't even know how to cover all the things that are right about this book. America Chavez of the Young Avengers, first appearing back in 2011, now has her own ongoing run, and so far, I'm really digging it! Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones know how to the set the tone for a book, and #1 eases so well into her character that it's hard to tell that this is a number one. Based on her other appearances for avid readers, we already know the character, and it feels like just another issue of any comic she's appeared in, only with an astute focus on her. For new readers, you're going to quickly get a feel for her, because these creators know how to encapsulate her very well!

America is a super-strong, queer brown girl with the ability to create extra-dimensional portals with powers imbued by the demiurge. She's a daughter of two moms, was raised in the Utopian Parallel universe, and she's awesome. Her personality is so bold you can taste it. You can feel the attitude. You can bathe in the latina vibes pouring from her aura. You get the tough, the passionate while emotionally abstract, the sarcastic, the charismatic, all rolled into Chavez's character. She's young and experienced, but still isn't so contemptuous to think she knows everything, so she enrolls in school.

While we still get a dosage of her "too cool" superheroinism (as she quite literally punches a being out of existence), we also get a good look at her personal life. Her struggles aren't with super stuff. It's with normal life- things like her girlfriend and her education. We glimpse her relationship, her friends, and we follow her on this new journey to Sotomayer University, which is something like a super powered college if I'm not completely mistaken. The school itself is something else to speak on entirely. I'm quite sure it is the only home to "Leelumulitpass Phi Theta Betas." I think we'll be seeing more of them later. In any case, Prodigy's (David Alleyne) appearances coupled with being assigned her first project that sends her through a portal that lands her face to face with Hitler is certainly something to be excited for.

Lastly, I can't get over this art. America's facial expressions are on par with perfection. Her smiles, her grimaces, her spicy attitude- You don't see characterization like this every day! And with simple yet expressive colors, the whole picture comes together seamlessly to create the feel for Chavez's world. The plot and story hasn't gone too deep yet, but I'm elated to see Chavez characterized so well! If you haven't guessed I'm a sucker for character focus, people, and Chavez is an easily likable character.

I highly recommend picking up this book and listing it. Issue #1 is pure fun, and sets the stage for a series where quite literally, anything can happen. Do yourself the favor, today.


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