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REVIEW: Accell #2-"Spirit Run"

Sat, 07/22/2017 - 09:15

ACCELL #2 | Writer: Joe Casey | Penciller: Damion Scott | Colorist: Sigmund Torre | Letterer: AW’s DC Hopkins | Price: $3.99

Joe Casey uses Accell #2 to ensure that readers have a cozy warm and fuzzy about Daniel's powers before introducing a psychedelic experience that shatters everything that we thought we knew into a million pieces with high level action! After his fight with Barrage in Accell #1, the young hero realizes that he may have jumped into the hero business too fast. He’d never really given himself a chance to test the extent of his abilities. So, he leaves his faithful girlfriend (who promises she’ll wait for him) and speeds off to do some introspective soul searching. What he finds is something that eludes the understanding of both him and likely any reader that’s trying to follow.

As readers we know he’s fast, but in this issue, we find that he’s so fast that he seems to be able to run into a parallel universe of some sort. It’s hard to say, but I think this is what the writer is intending. It’s possible that he is running through other universes, or just perceiving our own a level that can only be comprehended when moving that fast. Whatever the case, there are beings with crystalline like bodies there that seem to be acting as guardians or gatekeepers of the unknown. The idea is extremely compelling.

Of course, even after the initial loop we are thrown for, the book keeps momentum and throws Accell into a spirit challenge battle with what looks to be a giant sand monster, as described by an old Native American man who lives out in the middle of the desert. This concept was a little cliché but it did its job of keeping the story moving. While he’s fighting the giant sand monster, I find myself wondering why he’s fighting it? I’m unsure of his motivation to be out there beyond the need to master his abilities. It is a solid reason, but again feels like something I’ve seen several times before, and it takes me away from his character a little more than I like, due to very little development

I feel that Accell is moving a little too quickly (no pun intended) and we don’t get a chance to feel Daniel develop beyond the use of his powers in this issue. I like the little bits we get about his life, and his focus on his girlfriend, and the characterization in Accell #1, but I want more. I enjoy the focus on his powers, though being tossed into this psychedelic world, followed by him fighting what I can only imagine is some sort of spirit challenger to test his abilities without any other main driving goal or purpose, is taking me out of the story. I’d like to know who he is alongside how his powers work.

The art in this book is a perfect match to its theme. The line art gives the book a cartoon-like feel while maintaining a sense of realism within the parameters of what’s happening around him. It fits the idea of “speed” that the book needs. Meanwhile the colors are constant vivacious medley of colors that help to capture the surrealism of what’s happening in the book, especially when he’s running at high speed. The elusiveness of a dream-like world is well portrayed here. The colorist also does an excellent job of layering shades to complete the work of art.

I think Accell #2 was highly entertaining. The pacing is definitely in line with the theme of the book, however while this is the case I want it to be careful not to disconnect me from the main character while moving at high speed. As stated earlier, we need to know more about Daniel and his motivations or have some new sources of conflict introduced. I’m extremely compelled by the introduction of these new unknown elements and I’m anxious to read and learn more about them. Despite my reservations, I certainly recommend picking up Accell at your LCS today.



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