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Review: Accell #1-"Speed with a Cost"

Tue, 06/27/2017 - 15:16

ACCELL #1 | Writer: Joe Casey | Penciller: Damion Scott | Colorist: Sigmund Torre | Letterer: AW’s DC Hopkins | Price: $3.99

After reading Noble, I was already ready for the next Catalyst Prime story from Lion Forge comics. Accell #1 delivered us a new young latino speedster with a penchant for getting things down now and paying later. I wouldn’t call that the “moral” of the story, but it’s certainly a theme. With their already being story with virtually every hero with every power imaginable done in the past between all the comic book characters over the years, it’s nice to get a twist in Accell. It makes him unique and story that much more compelling.

Daniel Dos Santos is a dude that picked up a stone that gave him extraordinary powers! Okay so that’s not different from most power origins, but there’s more to the story than how he got his powers. First of all, let’s talk characterization. In the opening pages of the book I get the sense that Daniel is something of your typical teenage, or early twenties gaming bum. The opening shot of the games, pizza boxes, cluttered, untidy room and half-dressed lady posters on the wall would suggest that. But honestly, most of guys were probably something like that around this age. I take it as a nice dose of reality. Every kid isn’t going to be your typical Captain America. Besides, he’s kind of my style when I feel like doing nothing. Who doesn’t want to eat pizza and game?

Of course, the best characters are relatable, but have a deeper complexity beyond the first impression. Most of us do. So, on page 2 we find out that Daniel is an early twenties gaming bum who is also a selfless super hero with the power to run at the speed of thought. I’d be willing to challenge that that’s faster than light. The awesome kicks off immediately. He saves everyone from a plane that a terrorist was going to crash, including the terrorist, who he handily dropped off at the police station. I will be honest and say that the only thing I didn’t enjoy about this issue was the fact that we don’t see how he kept the plane from crashing anywhere else, but comparatively that’s a minor thing.

The fun is when we find out another aspect to how his powers work. When he’s moving fast, he’s seemingly invulnerable. The fact is that the damage he’s doing to himself doesn’t take a toll until afterwards, when it has time to catch up. That being said. His busting into the plane probably did some damage, as told by his final stop to the hospital. There we find out that after some brief recovery time, he can use his powers to consciously heal quickly too. Fun, right? So, he’s got some extraordinary powers, but with some notable downsides. That can make for some interesting situations in future issues.

Daniel also has a girlfriend named Monica, with an overbearing, megalomaniac of his father who doesn’t like her hanging out with the “Speed freak.” It’s fair to say that he’s likely going to be established as a primary arch villain, given that he hired a super merc named “Barrage” to take him down. The guy has fist guns and a design that makes him look like something out of 90s Spawn comic. It’s an incredible look for a villain that’s far from forgettable (like many villains unfortunately tend to be). Needless to say we get a boss fight with some grade “A” action that gives our hero enough trouble to wonder whether or not he’s even cut out for the job.

The cover art for this book is fantastic. A confident Daniel running up the side of a building with his trail following behind him in the desaturated city below looks amazing. The sidebar imagery of him looking at the strange stone with Barrage looming overhead speaks to what we might find in the issue as well. I enjoy it. Inside the cover Damion Scott’s line art uses a loose style that seems to fit the surreal disembodiment of a person running at 3K+ MPH. I enjoy it. When you tack on Sigmund Torre’s bright, layered coloring you get a gorgeous work of art. I think the team has done an immaculate job on this book.

Needless to say, with Accell #2, Lion Forge has done it again. I’m getting spoiled. I want more of this fun, interesting diverse characters, and I want to know more about this universe. If you haven’t already, go list this as well as Noble, and pre-order Subperb next month. This is the dawn of a new comic universe and you do not want to miss out.


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