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Diverse Artists of Inktober 2016

Thu, 10/27/2016 - 06:17

Every year to artists across the world, October is more than just a spooky month to celebrate Halloween. For them October is Inktober- a month artists have been challenged to draw one piece of art per day, every day of the month. Many have tried and failed, but to be honest, just trying at all is reputable! Astonished at the skill and fortitude of people with such talent, I went out and found a number of artists who've attempted the challenge this year. Below I've featured diverse and dedicated women, PoC, and LGBTQ artists who I feel should be recognized for their gifts! Remember these are one a day projects!

Allan Lorde

My name is Allan Lorde, and I'm an illustrator/graphic designer from Winnipeg, MB. My passions include: food, illustration, pro wrestling, and custom lettering. at the moment, I'm just trying to figure out where I belong in the world of creativity. I kinda lost my way, but I think I'm on the right path. You can find my work at AllanLorde.com

Kim Miranda

I'm Kim Miranda, a Filipina-American illustrator, comicbook artist from Houston, TX. I'm SUPER into telling personal stories from and about marginalized people/people of color. I love studying design and storytelling in animation, comics, webcomics, and children's illustration. I'm currently working on a middle grade comic book called "Sun Dragon's Song" written by Joyce Chng, as well as a children's story anthology about Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander fairy tales!

Elly Zupko

I am Elly Zupko. I am a writer and designer, and in the past year I have moved toward making comics and political cartoons as a reaction to the current social and political climates affecting the U.S. I focus on issues of feminism, progressive politics, and social justice, including Black Lives Matter. My first novel was The War Master’s Daughter (2011), and I am currently working on a full-length graphic novel. This #Inktober, I’ve been working to refine my skills by drawing a variety of people, as well as enjoying myself with some political cartoons and fan art. My work can also be found on my tumblr tumblr

Andres Thomas

I’m Andres. On a typical weekday, you can find me slaving away at my day job. I like to slowly let the real world eat away at my soul—it builds character. At night, you can find me building characters. Whether I’m writing, drawing, or playing games (shout out to all the D&D folks reading this), I love making characters. I’d like to say they amount to something, but generally-speaking they all end up as unfinished drafts in notebooks no one will ever see. I jumped at the opportunity to participate in Inktober to get my artist’s eye back… if that’s even a thing you can lose. What I lack in consistency, I make up for in enthusiasm and I look forward to having 31 completed sketches by the end of the month. In lieu of a full and finished portfolio, I invite you to enjoy a small smattering of work from a catalog of half-finished ideas.

Diana Jacobsson

I'm Diana, a body positive LGBTQ freelance artist from Sweden. I like animals and nature. My goal is to make art that speaks to people. I'm doing a theme for my Inktober this year: "Mysterious and Supernatural beings". Since there is a lot of work going into these and the descriptions (and I have a day job), I'm doing three a week this year.

Amber Williams

My name is Amber Williams, I hail from St. Louis, MO and am a 22 year old recent college graduate. I majored in animation and minored in art. My true passions are in playing video games, reading and drawing. I recently did a project creating tarot cards with women of color featured on them, though it’s still a project in the works as I haven’t created the full set...yet! But I hope to complete them soon.


I'm TeJay. I'm a Navy vet, a bibliophile, and I sometimes fancy myself a webcomic, though that project is on hiatus for the moment. I keep the main character as my profile picture, though, because she's awesome. I write prodigiously, draw, play any game as long as it has a good story, and if I could make a living doing art, I would. Unfortunately, I'm good at fixing things, so my day job is working as a maintenance planner. And obviously, I Twitter under a pseudonym. I also have a web comic. You can find it here.


Kendal is a 25-year-old from St. Lucia who has worked on various projects such as "Wild Kratts" and "The Lion Guard". He his currently one of the animators for the new Tangled TV series and is working on a personal project of telling bible stories through images.

Troy Hunter

I’m Troy, techie by day and maker of things 24-7. Editorial cartoons, illustrations, greeting cards; I like making it and learning how to make more. I have a planned graphic novel-thing coming next year, as well as making small zines for the amusement of friends and family. I’m at Tall Black Guy as well as troyal77 on IG.


My name is Masao, and I'm 29 years old and bisexual. I'm an assistant English teacher as my day job, but my passion is drawing comics. Inking is my favourite part, but I love the whole process all around. I'm working on two webcomics, one original called Afanc and one Harry Potter fan comic.

Ashley McCammon

My name is Ashley McCammon, and I'm a comic artist in Dallas, TX. I'm currently developing a historical queer horror/romance webcomic called Obelisk, set to launch in February of 2017. I love old movies and horror in particular, and bringing queer narratives to the forefront in stories inspired by those is a big deal for me. For inktober this year I've been doing a series I've called LIMINAL SPACE, pieces with a focus on environments/backgrounds and pushing my boundaries for what I typically draw.

Anayte Delahay

I'm a bi woman from Finland with Mexican roots from my father. I love taking care of plants (so the coffee table is always full of chilli pots), spinning (so the shelves are stuffed with wool), knitting (the yarn situation is alarming) and playing indie games in my free time (These days it's just Overwatch 8I)! I make fantasy, sci-fi and horror comics (http://feralgentry.thewebcomic.com ) together with my husband, and sometimes animate them with moving backgrounds or characters. I feel strongly about inking with a brush or at least a brushpen, and am only two days behind on my inktobers!

Margaret Trauth

I am a Transwoman who escaped from the animation industry with her sanity intact. Mostly. Mostly I’m passionate about making fantasy and sf comics with healthy doses of casual queerness and the occasional sex. Right now I’m in the last stages of finishing up the prepress for Decrypting Rita, the graphic novel I spent the last five years ago. Once that’s done I will be delighted to get back to my unfinished erotic fantasy story Five Glasses of Absinthe, and start working on a dark urban fantasy called The Drowning City, which is full of metaphors for various bits of personal angst.

Merriam Hayden

I'm a lesbian artist who also does comic work and has dreams of helping change the landscape of animation to be more LGBT friendly. Currently I live in the midwest, Topeka Kansas specifically and I usually try to get out to the smaller midwestern cons and a lot of Kansas City cons too if I'm aware of them and get in contact with them. I do the two webcomics: Desert Grey and Wrong Hand which are on both on Tapastic and Comic Fury.

Anya L. Archer

I'm a writer from Thailand, and I currently live in the US. I'm an Asian transgender lesbian woman, a combination that makes me paranoid that a fascist white guy will shoot me in the head. I started out writing stories and now I'm working my way towards improving my art so I can use a larger variety of mediums. Most of my art and writing focus on transgender people, both to try to give other trans people something to look to that I never had, and also to try to justify and help me accept my own existence I'm currently working on Tempest, a sci-fi novel, among other smaller projects. You can find me on twitter and more of my work on pixiv.

Micheline Hess

I'm Micheline Hess. I was born and raised in New York City, and I started my professional comic book career in the early 90s with Milestone Comics as a colorist. I have several creator owned works such as the fantasy-adventure comic, book series ‘Malice in Ovenland’, (Published by Rosarium Publishing), ‘The Anansi Kids and the All Saints’ Day Adventure’, and the children’s book ‘The Island Cats of Cunga Ree.’ In addition to being an Independent Comic Book Creator, I am also an accomplished digital painter, with art work shown nationally at various Art Shows annually. My work can be found on facebook and instagram, and you can reach me on twitter.

Nessie Fynn

I’m a young female artist who’s especially interested in comics and illustration. I draw a lot of fantasy and animals, and like to try to tell stories with my art. Right now I’m working on a webcomic called Household Slime Mold, an urban fantasy about an aspiring witch.

Amber Lee Jones

Hey, I'm Amber Jones and I'm an illustrator and 2D animator. I love reading comics as much as I love drawing them. I'm currently working on my personal comic "Spirit Pizza" and pitch pages for the graphic novel adaptation of KWW's "Everything I Know About Zombies," aka "P.S. 43". By continuing to create, I hope to provide wider and more accurate representation of minorities in the media.


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