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28 Days of Black Cosplay 2017 Recap- Round Two

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 11:11

Continuing on with more black cosplay, here's a look at Round 2! Click here for Round 1!

Brichibi Cosplay

From writing unique, new worlds, to making geeky crafts and cosplaying the characters she loves, Briana Lawrence (known as “Brichibi Cosplays”) is a black, queer, plus sized bag of tricks out to spread positivity in the cosplay community. She's been cosplaying since 2004 and has taken to designing original styles for her favorite characters, then her partner (SnowCosplays) brings them to life for her to wear. If she's not in artist alley at a convention, she's probably giving a panel about the importance of representation and how loving yourself is a key factor in cosplaying.

You can find Brichibi on Facebook, Twitter, and on her website

Orfea Nera

Orfea Nera (also called Liam) has been a French cosplayer since 2013, who enjoys bad movies, obscure shows and French comic books, going to convention with friends and meeting new people. She mostly cosplays from RWBY and a bit of League of Legends and manga. Her favorite part of cosplay is wearing it at the con and maybe making and painting props and armor parts. Her page name is Orfea Nera Cosplay.

You can find Orfea Nera on Twitter

Ofeibea Loveless

Ofeibea Loveless, co-founder of the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance, began cosplaying when she joined the steampunk group Airship Ashanti in 2014. Since then, she has participated in a number of group cosplay mashups, including steampunk Steven Universe (Garnet), dystopian Disney (Ursula), cyberpunk Rainbow Brite (Shy Violet), and steampunk Super Mario Bros. (Bowser). As an older, plus-sized woman, Ofeibea loves the diversity cosplay has to offer and revels in coming up with creative costumes with her friends.

You can find Ofeibea on Twitter

Jamila Rowser

Jamila Rowser was raised around the world as a military brat, but she reps The Bronx as her hometown. She's a self-identified fangirl who has been cosplaying for about 6 years. Jamila is a vigorous advocate for marginalized people in geek culture which she has done through blogging, presentations, panels and podcasts. She is the creator of Girl Gone Geek Blog which ran from 2010-2016 and runs the Geek Culture x Hip Hop Culture project, Straight Out of Gotham with Jemar Souza. She also co-founded Geek Girl Brunch, an international meetup for over 7,000 geek women. In the near future, Jamila plans to produce her own creative projects, so keep your third eye open for new, thought provoking work.

You can find Jamila on Twitter, Instagram, and on her website


Michael “Knightmage” Wilson is a decorated 16 year veteran Deputy Sheriff for the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio. Michael has been cosplaying since 2012 but the love for the comic and video game genre has been in his heart since he was little as it shows when he creates his costumes. Having created over 100 costumes, Michael has been listed as one of the top male cosplayers in the world from websites such as Kotaku, Geeks are Sexy and more. Michael has worked on several Hollywood comic book movie productions including The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and more. He was also an alternate for the 2006 reality show “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” hosted by Stan Lee. Michael has received numerous awards for his charitable deeds to include the “Presidential Volunteers Award.” from President Barack Obama and the White House.

You can find Knightmage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Aiy Cosplay

Aiy started off cosplaying with very little knowledge as to how to actually cosplay, but with a burning passion for the art of transforming herself into her favorite characters, she persevered. She has been cosplaying for almost two years and makes her own props and costumes with supplies that can be found at a local craft store. Aiy is very personable and with every costume and event, she grows, learning from constructive criticism in hopes that every creation be better than the last.

You can find Aiy Cosplay on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr


Akakioga, a home grown Californian now Cincinnati based cosplayer! Akakioga has been cosplaying for over 5 years from all genres, video games, anime/manga, cartoons, you name it! Currently, she is a huge advocate for the POC cosplay community, wanting to uplift those who are afraid of cosplaying because of their race/skin color. She wants to let everyone know that anyone should be able to cosplay and not be judged based on race/sex/gender, ect. Cosplay is supposed to be about fun, so let's keep it that way!!

You can find Akakioga on Facebook

Sistah Geek

Sistah Geek entered the realm of cosplay in 2012 when she went to her first convention dressed as Amazon (Amalgam Universe). It was her first time cosplaying so she entered the costume contest and took home a 3rd place medal! Sistah Geek works with an amazing team of women (costume designer, jewelry maker, prop master, nail artist, and hair designer) who help her bring her creations to life. Since she am a MEGA Misty Knight fan, her team is lovingly called the "Daughters of the Dragon." I tend to do 5-10 cons a year and create 3-4 original cosplays a year. Sistah Geek is also a Co-Host of IVWall's very own podcast "Wakanda IV Lyfe."

You can find Sistah Geek on Twitter

Chante Cosplay

Chanté Cosplay is currently a Midwest-based cosplayer who is pursuing her Master's degree in costume technology. She started cosplaying in 2008 in sunny Florida and has made many costumes for stage shows at Metrocon (FL) and Shadocon (FL). Cosplaying has been a huge part of Chanté's life and is a hobby that she is extremely passionate about. Chanté loves everything about being creative and sharing knowledge and can't wait to see what's in store for her future.

You can find Chante Cosplay on Facebook


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