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28 Days of Black Cosplay 2017 Recap- Round Three

Sun, 03/05/2017 - 07:31

We are nearly through the first week of March, but we aren't through showcasing just yet. Round 2 was fun, but get a load of round 3!

Kali Neko

Kali Neko no Kage, or Kali Neko for short, is a Chicago based cosplayer in the game for now 5 years. Starting off as a bored college student with a children's sewing machine, she's self taught in sewing and minor prop building. An outloud rapid fan of all things Legend of Zelda, Kali's interests are primarily Nintendo games and anime. Kali is also a proud nude and softcore model, incorporating fantasy and cosplay into her photosets working with so far 2 adult cosplay sites, Pixel Vixens and My Geek Goddess, unafraid to call out for the empowerment of women in ways they see fit.

You can find Kali Neko on Facebook


Sachi is a 23 year old beginner cosplayer based in NYC. She first started cosplaying in 2014 going by "SSCosplay" and has since fallen deeper in love with the art. She started making her own cosplay and props in 2016 and is excited to practice more and get better. Other than cosplaying and traveling to cons, she is a fashion stylist in her everyday life and enjoys anything that has to do with design and style. Bringing her favorite characters from anime and video games to life while sharing them with others at cons is her favorite hobby and she plans to dedicate more time into creating more cosplay and traveling to more cons!

You can find Sachi on Twitter, Instagram, or on her website

Bishop Cosplay

After being exposed to the cosplay at Baltimore Comic Con in 2008, Bishop Cosplay and his wife decided to throw their hat in the ring. Throughout the years, they have cosplayed many different characters, including Superman and Wonder Woman, STarfeelt admirals and many others. They have also given time when needed to charitable organizations as well. Both have served on panels discussing aspects of cosplay including creating cosplays, diversity and anti-bullying. Bishop Cosplay also owns a website called Pop Culture Uncovered which covers an array of the geek community and is committed to getting the word out about cosplay.

You can find Bishop Cosplay on Facebook

Lady Rain Cosplay

Lady Rain Cosplay is a Marine veteran and South Florida cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2008 and went to school for animation and game design. She always had a determination to break the barriers when cosplaying non color characters and to be more of an influence to plus size cosplayers. She always finding ways to make costumes rather it was completely hand stitched or machine made. She done so many, about 20 costumes and one armor piece in total. She is not looking to be famous but she does want to travel and continue to be that inspiration to others that have struggle with acceptance of ones color and body. She wants to be a costume designer/animator. On her spare time she enjoys singing, practice dance and writing stories. She wants to live a drama/stress free life and make big changes in the cosplay community.

You can find Lady Rain on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat @shiyagomi


Camomo has been cosplaying for about 8 years now and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio . She started all the way back in the 9th grade and her first cosplay was Sakura from Naruto. From there she has continued to improve, and achieve bigger and better cosplays. She tends to cosplay strong characters like Princess Kida and Storm as of late. She cares deeply for thr cosplay community and is never afraid to speak out on prominent issues no matter how difficult they may be.

You can find Camomo Cosplay on Facebook

Bad Apple Cosplay

Aeris Evermore, also known as Bad Apple Cosplay, first made her cosplay debut as Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop at Anime Expo 2009 and has been winging it ever since. Self-proclaimed Otaku, (Not-so-Super) Villain, and Professional Con Attendee, she continues to follow her passions through cosplay, prop making, and fashion. She is also currently working to bring a brand new convention to life, Universal Fan Con, the first multi-fandom con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting women, LGBTQIA, disabled people, and persons of color, as a Planning and Event Manager- Coming April 2018.

"Cosplay, to me, is a way to bring things I enjoy to life as an art form. Besides, you're never too old to play pretend."

You can find Aeris on Facebook and Twitter

Hana Blossom

Hana blossom's love for costuming began 9 years ago. Ever since her first costume (Nariko from Heavenly Sword) she realized she was passionate for bringing character designs to life. Since then she has made more than 20+ costumes from series like Assassins Creed, Soul Calibur, X-Men, Sailor Moon, Jak, Final Fantasy and more. She has always made costumes based on personal connection to characters regardless of racial differences or popularity. Hana's dream is to one day bring her talents and passion to a more professional level and design for large production films.

You can find Hana Blossom on Facebook

J'adore Cosplay

Meet J'adore Cosplay! A college junior based out of Colorado, she's been cosplaying since early 2012 and has no intention of stopping any time soon. When not working on costumes, you can catch her studying or playing copious amounts of Fire Emblem...and sleeping. She does a lot of that too. She's always up for making new friends so hit her up!

You can find J'adore Cosplay on Facebook


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