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28 Days of Black Cosplay 2017 Recap- Round One

Tue, 02/28/2017 - 06:30

Black History Month is ending. However, as we move into March I wanted to recap on the celebration of the amazing black cosplay out there. While their are lists compiled in posts on facebook and threads on twitter, I wanted to compile a list of some of the great works of art celebrated via the "28 Days of Black Cosplay." So, I reached out to countless cosplayers, and the following is the response. Over the next few days there will be a series of threads featuring these majestic works of art, because there's simply too much awesome for one post. Stay tuned! This is only Round One of Four!

TaLynn Kel

TaLynn Kel is a long-time cosplayer and writer who’s been in the Atlanta, Georgia convention scene since 2005, when she first attended DragonCon. Her approach to cosplay is cosplay any way. That means there’s no character off limits (except Nazis – never those) and race, gender, size, species is not an issue. She pulls her cosplays from her closet, the costume shop, old clothing, and crafts some of the items herself. She likes to find a character she identifies with and then bring those identifying characteristics to the surface, both through the personal design elements of the character and how she portrays that character when dressed. Some of her personal favorite cosplays are Typhoid Mary, Bleez, Hellboy, and Thanos. She’s also partial to Storm.

You can find TaLynn on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, Twitch, and on her Website.

Rice King

Rice King is a different blend of Cosplayer. Being of Native and Eastern decent & having been raised on a Native American reservation. Despite cultural differences; Rice king has been a fan of anime, comics, games, and cartoons since childhood. "I still remember not always having a stable television growing up and having to struggle to watch my favorite cartoons and anime as a child. I used to always rush through Stomp Dancing practice so that I could go over my friends house to watch Toonami afterwards", Rice constantly remembers growing up wanting to embody their favorite characters and now feels extremely honored to be considered a part of the community and #28DaysOfBlackCosplay As for goals, Rice has always been active in trying to bring joy and cosplay to world, including the Tribe that raised them, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. "Many communities, One Tribe"

You can find Rice King on Facebook


Naomi is a 16-year-old cosplayer from The UK, who found an interest in cosplaying back in 2015. Her love for superheroes from a young age inspired her to begin cosplaying. From Black Widow to Wonder Woman, Naomi has cosplayed many of the iconic superheroines we see today in films and comics. She attends the annual MCM London comic con in May and October.

You can find Naomi on Twitter

Barr Foxx

Barr Foxx is an avid comic book enthusiast that is dedicated to the artistry of cosplay and promoting individual style…an approach that he entitles, Cosplay Chic! Barr Foxx takes pride in discussing the creative art form of cosplay by speaking on panels at conventions to empower cosplayers to “cosplay their way”. His #CosplayYourWay campaign encourages individuals to ward off naysayers and choose desired characters regardless of race, size or gender. Due to his body of work and collaborations with creative talents, such as photographer, Andrew Michael Phillips and costume designer, Walter Dean of Dean’s Lyst, Barr Foxx has been featured in cosplay themed books such as Cosplay in America Volume 2, on Marvel’s official website as Bishop (X-Men) and Gambit (X-Men), and in various articles spotlighting cosplayers to watch. Barr Foxx feels that cosplay should be a fun, expressive and positive outlet for all involved.

You can find Barr Foxx on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

“There is truly no wrong way to cosplay. Remember to always cosplay your way and always be…Cosplay Chic!”


Logan Misean is a 22-year-old Cinephile who fell in love with cosplay and has been doing it for four years now. She started off as a seamstress and costumer in theatre in middle school and high school. As she slowly got more and more involve with conventions has commenced hosting panels on make-up, filming tutorials and will soon be posting on YouTube by summer 2017. She is an advocate for POC cosplayers and representation in Pop culture. She will be working Awesome Con and Hosting a make-up panel at OTAKON and attending NOVA Con this year.

You can find Logan on Facebook

Big Mike

Big Mike started Cosplaying in 2005 for the pure love of Comics and costuming. He loves D.C. And Marvel comics equally for different reasons. He Cosplays a variety of characters from Blade to Green Lantern, Bane, Logan just to name a few. If you see him at a Con feel free to approach him chat

You can find Big Mike on Twitter

Tiburon Cosplay

Tiburon Cosplay has been part of the cosplay community since 2014. It was in 2013 when she went to her first convention that she got hooked on the hobby. Some of the cosplays she's best known for are- Calyspo from Pirates of the Caribbean, Tier Harribel from Bleach and Harley Quinn from DC Comics. Although she is only a small cog in the cosplay machine, she uses her platform to share and inspire others who are in or just beginning their journey into cosplay.

You can find Tiburon Cosplay on Facebook and Instagram


This is Michelle. She lives in the Bay Area where she lives with her family of four. Michelle's favorite holiday is Halloween because while free candy is good, dressing up is even better. Her love of costumes and comics naturally lead her into cosplay. While Michelle cosplays in the minor league, it has become a family affair. Michelle's children like to role-play and her husband loves her enough to play along. Going to cons has become of of our favorite family pastimes.

You can find Michele on Twitter

That's it for Round One! Be on the look out soon for Round Two!


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