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28 Days of Black Cosplay 2017 Recap- Round Four

Mon, 03/06/2017 - 23:30

It's so sad to finally be bringing this to a close, but the fourth and last round of the 28 days of Cosplay recap is here! Enjoy!

KJS Cosplay

"My true north on cosplay is to spread joy and to always do it on a dime."


Mythril-Arts has been part of the cosplay scene since 2011. Her first cosplay was Alice Elliot from the Shadow Hearts series of video games and currently has 13 costumes in her portfolio and counting. Mythril-Arts specializes in props and jewelry using various techniques, and is diving into mashups and inspired cosplay designs such as a Lolita version of Spock from Star Trek. Her advice to new cosplayers is to cosplay the character you want however you want because the only person you should worry about pleasing is yourself.

You can find Mithril-Arts on Facebook


Mystori is a cosplayer who started her cosplay journey in early 2012. Her cosplays range from anime to comic books with a bit of video games in between. She has done characters such as Mortal Kombat's Mileena, Storm from X-Men, DC's Black Canary, Fairy Tail's Lucy Heartfilia and more. Mystori sees herself as a learner and everything she does is always something new to her. While her main focus is to advance in making costumes to show her love for her favorite characters, Mystori also hopes to gain friends and cosplay with as many people as she can.

You can find Mystori on Facebook


Pasteldotz Cosplay is an east coast cosplayer originating from Virginia. She's been cosplaying for five years now but has had love for the hobby since she was a young teenager. She loves being able to create a costume from scratch and be able to bring her favorite characters to life. She's also very passionate about equality and respect within the cosplay community. Outside of cosplay, she is a graphic designer who runs an online store called Sweet Bitz.

You can find Pasteldotz on Facebook


Angel is a cosplayer from Canada, she has been cosplaying for 3 years and has won some awards for her cosplay work. Always a crafty individual, she found cosplay to be the perfect outlet for her urge to make geeky things that looked cool. She especially loves cosplaying concept art and bringing artist characters to life and giving back to the cosplay community by volunteering for many different comic cons and geek events. She loves seeing all the love and work people put into their costumes and meeting new people and travels to different conventions all over the world to see and learn anything she can about cosplay.

You can find Angel on Facebook


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